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Italian movies to watch on Netflix, Flow, QubitTV and MUBI during quarantine

Movies from Italian cinema to enjoy during the quarantine caused by the coronavirus pandemic as Happy as Lazzaro 5 movies from Italian cinema to enjoy during the quarantine caused by the coronavirus pandemic as Happy as Lazzaro.

Italy, the country hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic, has a long film tradition that ranges from popular comedy to the sophisticated style of a large group of directors whose personal brand is truly indelible: Vittorio De Sica, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Federico Fellini, Ettore Scola, Michelangelo Antonioni, Bernardo Bertolucci. Here, a small but varied selection of the cinema of that country that can be found on different streaming platforms :

Happy as Lazzaro

Happy As Lazaro (2018, Alice Rohrwarcher). The third film streaming gratis by this Italian filmmaker daughter of a German father works in the fields of folktale, social drama and the fantastic story of time travel. It was inspired by a true story from the 80s – a wealthy noblewoman who, taking advantage of the isolated location of her farm, kept a group of workers enslaved – and has an exceptional finding, that of her unusual protagonist (a ragazzo with no previous acting experience, Adriano Tardiolo), axis of a fabulous adventure that refers to the sensitive social cinema of Pier Paolo Pasolini and Ermano Olmi.

Suburra (2015, Stefano Sollima)

 The son of a notable spaghetti westerns director, Stefano Sollima adapts a novel of the same name by Carlo Bonini and Giancarlo De Cataldo that takes place at the very moment when Benedict XVI begins to think of renouncing his papacy and puts the focus on plans of a young mobster facing a fearsome gypsy clan protected by corrupt politicians who wants to build a sort of Las Vegas in Ostia, the city that was once a port of Rome. The tone of the film is somewhat sensational, but vertigo lovers will enjoy it without reservation.

If God wants (2015, Edoardo Maria Falcone)

 Tasty dish for lovers of Italian popular comedy, this film loaded with gags – good, regular and weaker – works as an x-ray of a prototypical bourgeois family shaken by an unexpected news story: a son who decides to leave medical studies to dedicate himself to the priesthood. Marco Giallini, whose style is part of a lineage started by important figures of Italian humor such as Alberto Sordi and Ugo Tognazzi, well supported by Alessandro Gassman, son of the great Vittorio. It works better in the most daring moments than in those when it becomes more artificially friendly.

At home everything is fine 

At home everything is fine (2018, Gabrielle Muccino). From the same director of the celebrated, and successful, The Last Kiss, this film is based on awell-traveled plot -the family reunion in which a facade of overbearing kindness falls and the catastrophe begins- and a large cast exploits very well and very tight that, in addition, a single location works concentrated, an imposing mansion located on the seafront in the beautiful tourist center of Ischia. There the golden wedding of a couple of veterans is celebrated, but that takes a backseat when the gale of reproaches, envies and unspeakable secrets is unleashed that turn the celebration into a mini-tragedy alla italiana. Muccino sagaciously narrates, using formidable sequence shots.

Youth (2015, Paolo Sorrentino)

 Like all Sorrentino’s films ( The great beauty is the most famous), this one was surrounded by heated controversies. At Cannes, for example, he received as much applause as heckling. The great circus that this Neapolitan director usually sets up in his stories is located this time in a luxurious hotel in the Swiss Alps, and the characters who wander around are really curious: Buddhist monks, an emperor of Maradona in a lamentable physical and mental state ( Roly Serrano), a Miss Universe without many lights, an elderly couple who oscillates between hatred and carnal desire and an experienced actor burdened by existential dilemmas.The cast is stellar: Michael Caine, Rachel Weisz, Paul Dano, Harvey Keitel, Jane Fonda.

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