Jose Vicente in a prison with security

Alfonso Sanchez stops braking in his absurd black comedy ‘For All Death’

On January 31st, this weak homeland production arrived in Spanish cinemas, which is the third foray into the film by its director after the tibias El mundo es ours (2012) and El mundo es hija (2018), and which is distributed in theaters Alfa Pictures.

Adventures of Jose Vicente as main part of the story

The peliculas HD follows the adventures of Jose Vicente, a middle-aged jerk, who after opposing for eight years, finally wins the official position. But the joy of the news is short-lived. While as a family they celebrate their success, Jose Vicente is told by phone that an error has occurred in the lists and he is not yet an official. He is the first on the list of substitutes, and only if he assassinates the person who has stolen his place will he get the job.

Beyond the simplicity of the story, and having a tight budget, For All Death it would have worked better as a play, since the adventure starts from localism. And when trying to stretch it for the cinema the product suffers. In this way, there is no other way to complete it with other elements that, instead of helping the product, harm it.

On the other hand, it is striking that this film, which could have thrown a little more emotion in its script, is weighed down by histrionic interpretations, ridiculous situations and moral evil is installed in the mind of the protagonist, in a failed attempt to make comedy through childish gags and out of tune.

It is more striking that this set of uncontrolled sensations and absurd behaviors is assumed with normality, which move the viewer away from any connection with reality, and at the same time it can be thought that the opposition students operate in this way. Or put another way: if the essence was to launch a social complaint about the labor situation in Spain, For all death it has nothing to do.

The only similarity that it has with the funny comedies to the use is its vulgarity. How much they miss Mondays in the Sun (Fernando León de Aranoa, 2002) or In Search of Happiness (Gabriele Muccino, 2006), stories about job insecurity that took their arguments seriously without resorting to cliches! In addition, all doubts about the absence in the direction of actors are cleared, since Sanchez does not control the exits and entrances of the interpreters well, and the hodgepodge that is generated in several scenes hinders the film’s stamp.

The only similarity that it has with the funny comedies to the use is its vulgarity

Not to mention, of course, the schematism in the narration, the lack of imagination in the creation of characters or the lack of respect for comedy in its entirety, which betrays the essence of the genre by turning For all death into a sitcom, with a vaudeville tone, and subplots that, if you do something, detract from the poor quality of the product being served.

However, these deficiencies in the background of the adventure are somewhat mitigated by offering a vaudeville with a fast-paced, fresh and agile rhythm, something not typical in Spanish cinema, but one that is quickly forgotten. Please don’t waste your time with this movie.

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